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IT Guru Solutions can provide a wide range of IT system installations, from the CAT 5 network cabling, wireless networks, server installation to commissioning PC's.

We can install Microsoft Active Directory servers for Exchange e-mail, SQL database, Domain file sharing, Mobile information server, Internet Security Server, Small Business Server, Web Server and File Transfer Protocol Servers.

Linux servers for File Transfer Protocol Servers, Web Servers, Intranet Servers. - Low cost and more reliable.

Installation of Microsoft Office Suites, Small Business Server,

windows 7 and e-mail configuration.

If you find yourself in a situation where your Windows server refuses to start, you see a blue screen or the server continually restarts before the loading process is complete. IT Guru Solutions has a range of tools, diagnostic software and experience in recovering your server to allow you to recover your files.

Security is a major issue these days with the creation of viruses seemingly every day. IT Guru Solutions can provide firewalls for ADSL and lease line with advice on anti-virus solutions.